The Peppercorn Motel is located at 51-53 Capricorn Street, in the rural town of Clermont, Queensland.

Ph – 07 4983 1033

Fax – 07 4983 1679

PO Box 450, Clermont, 4721

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CLERMONT: Clermont is located just north of Emerald, on the Gregory Highway (100km from Emerald and 760km from Brisbane). The greatest attraction in the Clermont area is the Peak Range, a series of dramatic volcanic plugs that stand like sentinels roughly 45 kilometres East of the town. Other sights of interest include the ruins of Copperfield, the large cement ‘flood tree’ monument, the town’s Museum and a range of historic buildings.

Clermont Sign
Old steam engine in Clermont
Car in tree from Clermont floods

Street Address:
51-53 Capricorn St, Clermont QLD 4721
Postal Address: PO Box 450, Clermont, 4721

Phone: (07) 4983 1033 Fax (07) 4983 1679
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