The Peppercorn Motel is located at 51-53 Capricorn Street, in the rural town of Clermont, Queensland.

Ph – 07 4983 1033

Fax – 07 4983 1679

PO Box 450, Clermont, 4721

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CLERMONT: Clermont is located just north of Emerald, on the Gregory Highway (100km from Emerald and 760km from Brisbane). The greatest attraction in the Clermont area is the Peak Range, a series of dramatic volcanic plugs which stand like sentinels roughly 45 kilometres East of the town. Other sights of interest include: the ruins of Copperfield, the large cement ‘flood tree’ monument, the town’s Museum and a range of historic buildings.

Clermont Sign
Old steam engine in Clermont
Car in tree from Clermont floods

Street Address:
51-53 Capricorn St, Clermont QLD 4721
Postal Address: PO Box 450, Clermont, 4721

Phone: (07) 4983 1033 Fax (07) 4983 1679
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